Hi there!

I'm Neil van der Walt and welcome to my site. This site allows me to give you some quick background of who I am and what I do.

As you can see from the picture, I'm passionate about rollerblading, film-making, motion graphics and graphic design. I'm also the Brand Manager for two insurance brands, Virseker and Auto & General (who employs me full-time). I finished my studies in marketing in 2007 and then continued with my career working in the I.T. industry as a salesperson, then worked at a market research firm, after that I started my own company called Made With Toast that focused on film-making, design and branding services. Being employed full-time, Made With Toast changed a bit, now focusing on work that doesn't pay in money, but satisfies the heart.

In my free time I love to rollerblade with my friends, make rollerblading films, I'm one of the owners of irollsa.com (a community platform for rollerbladers in South Africa), practice Tai Chi everyday, gym everyday, I eat healthy (I'm a vegan) and lastly, I have a strange addiction of finding new and weird music.

If you would like to meet up and have a coffee sometime, drop me a mail on: info@neilvanderwalt.com.